Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Occupied Republic Factory

Upon entering the factory you see the walls covered with written messages from supporters. Support came out from individuals, other unions, worker centers, immigration agencies, and area schools.

Behind doors the workers have formed a human barricade of about 200 UE members. They take turns, 8 hours each maintaining the line.

These photos are from the rally this afternoon at the Bank of America on La Salle.

Turn out was strong, especially for a weekday afternoon. There are talks of a weekend rally as well.

It is surprising how quickly the press was to call the negotiations finished. Even other union blogs carried stories that negotiations had been resolved. It is a timely process and even after they are through with Bank of America the UE must take a vote with its members. Just because Bank of America concedes a little doesn't mean it's anywhere near over.

You can follow the union on twitter for up to date information or check their website