Friday, July 23, 2010

Walmart's New Low

Keeping workers on a short leash is a profitable business move. And Walmart is king when it comes to cutting workers' pay to a bare minimum. Shorter shifts, more people on staff to fight over those shifts, part time hours to keep people off benefits. We've heard it all before. But this week I found Walmart sink to an all time new low.

Walmart is now employing temp workers to stock shelves in my community. This is the country's largest employer. This is exactly the reason why Walmart needs to be unionized.

Walmart sets the model for all other retailers to follow. Jobs that could support a worker are constantly under fire because of practices like these. They have created a model that cheats workers from thinking their work is valuable and the majority of the American population has come to accept it. Retail is one of the fastest growing employment sectors why not fight to let everyone live better?

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